Tuesday, March 29, 2005

26 /03 /2004

I can't sleep, so I write this.
I wrote the same thing on my phone, but at the last phrase, my phone downed.
It sucked. I wrote it for a half hour! hmm...
With Ywei and Soonhyun, I went to a Japanese restaurant Jumon, where Ken works.
It was the first time that I ate in a Japanese restaurant, so at that moment, I was well ready to eat. I was longing for it. Besides a French restaurant where I went with my mom, the Japanese food was something that I always wanted in France.
It was not the best, nevertheless they was not bad. A set menu that I chose named "menu Yayoi" after a name of ancient Japanese era, had several kinds of meats, rices, soja soup and a little sushi. Hmm, I'm so hungy now thinking them again. anyway we amused well, above all, it has been long time that we talked each other. And Ken, he was really kawaii. Haha! He dressed a cute shirt with square patterns, seemed like a Japanese traditional one, and it went so well with him.

After that I passed several terrible days, and now, I'm a little bit relaxed. Maybe, I'm gonna go there again.
I wish that everything will go fine like today...


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