Sunday, April 03, 2005


wow. today is 030405. It's sunday, it's clear today. there are little clouds, the temperature goes up till 20 celcius in the day time. But the minimum is 5 celcius that it explains why I caught a cold. I hear birds' twittering, the wind blows warmly, people would say that it's beautiful today.

I wonder how it is in Korea, it's already April, I wish that it's beautiful there, too.

I think much here, like Decarte, I feel my existence when I think. I don't have many friends here, I don't really want to have too many anyway, I'm fine but sometimes I realize one should live in their propre country.
I like France, she's normally very cool, opened. Contrariwise, I'm not yet sure about the French because I didn't found that they are really attractive despite their opened mind. They look like cool at the first sight, but you can see their anguishes soon. They try to be cool, nice, but in fact they already lost themselves. It seems like a social spiritual civilizational crisis. Yes, they live like that. And they're even good at it. It's unbelivable for me. How can it be comprehensible a life which one lives like another's? Even in a family, they say something like 'I love you' not really loving. Or they say "I'm just fine" not really going fine. It's so profoundly intergrated in their mind and language, now one cannot complain about it.
You know, a stranger like me, it's not always easy. Why can't one say that he's messed up today when he got screwed? Today, I'm already disturbed, but I have to say that I'm fine. yes, I works like that here in the heart of old continent.


Blogger vio said...

Good morning!
I'm your dad. Today is 090405. It's very cloudy. But these days temperture goes up. So yesterday looked like an early summer. We, your family, are all fine. And we'd like you also fine. I'm very impressed from your writing on 030405. It looks good to have much thinking and feeling. I've heard to success your entrance exam. Congratulation! I,m sure your life with success. Have a nice day, my son! bye bye~

6:32 AM  
Blogger Gaianaut in Korea said...

Oh, father, it's so cool that you said "I'm your father." just like Darth Vador and Luke Skywalker. I love that phrase, you know. Anyway, it's so good to here about you. Thanks, and keep watching me!

1:33 PM  

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