Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Well, well, well. I'm stuck.

It rained all night yesterday.

I walked in streets in Vieux Lille for 2 hours. It was beutiful. I discovered many streets that I didn't know, I saw people living. They recall some old stories in my memory. there was an air which makes me feel the lightness of Spring in corners of streets. One would find a beutiful Spring day then.

Well, not me. I knew that I was a unlucky unhappy dude among them.

Yes, I'm stuck in somewhere in my life, in this gloomy city with gloomy memories, and it's terrifying. I thought I could be happy some day.

Yesterday, the restaurant Inka was closed. (a restaurant of south american speciality: I like their foods not too expensive, and the host is very kind.) So I followed my friend's choice, Glizly Grill. It was not expensive, but the food was foul.

I gotta go. The administrator want to close the room. See you.

I take this text again. today is 29 april 2005. It rained yesterday's night, and today, it's not cold any more. With fresh air, I feel better. I bought two kinds of tea yesterday. One is for sleep more calmly - recently, I sleep badly. Even worse, my body is not well done so I always have a ache in some part of my body besides bad sleep. - and the other is strawberry banilla mixed flavor! Oh, j'adore.

Actually, they helped me to feel better. When you are depressed or sad, you gotta buy a strawberry banilla flavor tea! Now, I do homeworks, started again to read some books, not bad.

So I'm finding myself again. Tell me bon courage...

Oh, and for the Glizly Grill, it was terrible. And an advice, Buffalo Grill, another some grill restaurant, is the same. I think all the restaurant in Lille with a word 'grill' do foods like shit.


Blogger Tiger said...

hi~ my lovely bro JJ
sorry for my late comment
'luck favors the prepared'
do your best! cheer up!
my bro, i miss you

Je m'appelle 'young', amie de grand frère.
Je suis heureuse de vous voir.
(je voyais votre photo.^^)
Bon courage~!!!

8:05 PM  
Blogger Gaianaut in Korea said...

Hey tiger, quel nom!, thanks for your comment. Yes, it's true that you were late, bro. lol
Thanks for your cheers and everything, and I'm reassured that you know that saying. Good, get on with that, dude! lol No, seriously.

Bonjour, mademoiselle! Enchanté!
Je suis aussi content de vous voir. Et vous savez, il faut pas me voussoyer! Merci d'avoir m'ecrire, et bon courage à vous aussi! (J'apprécie que mon frère ait une amie qui parle français!)

12:10 PM  

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