Friday, April 01, 2005

What a null I am!


I was very contented that I could post via e-mail, so I used it well (or I believed that). but so idiot, I just found that nothing was posted, and I realized that I sent them to another address. Well, I was not in good condition recently, it sucks, though. Now I'm recovered from some real sinister-disaster, something like marré de l'Asie du sud (I'm so-sorry for them.) for me.
I know that I'm gonna troubled again, but you know what, I'm doing better and better.

Anyway, now on I can hopefully post via e-mail on my phone, and voilĂ , it's gonna be cool. the thing very domage, it's that I cannot get on Yahoo e-mail for long time. It seems like I'm automatically disconnected after several minutes. So I cannot post a long text, but still cool.

It's April today, I hope you to have superbe jokes.


Blogger vio said...

We are looking your blog. It's amazing! Congratulation, opening your blog. Anyway, we hope you have a good condition and enjoy your life in France.
Next time, we'd like to hear about your big day.
your lovely family...

3:44 AM  

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