Wednesday, May 25, 2005

JJ mailing 24 may 2005

Dear friends,

Hi, buddies, how are you?
I'm doing well in France, but a time to return in Korea is comming. Now I'm still studying French, it's a kind of cool language, and itmakes me want to learn more foreign languages. Maybe the next one willbe deutsch!

Hmm, not bad, isn't it? One year in France gave me many visions and spectacles and moreover itchanged my view to my life and, notably, the world. I learned thatthere are thousands of things that I don't know out there in the army(Manchu~~!), but still it was in Korea, so, you know, this time, itwas really different.

Now i'm planning to go back home in Seoul to graduate and then Ibelieve to go abroad again to do master course. As I don't see widepossiblity to get a job from my major, French Language andLitterature, I'm gonna choose the second major for computer sciences,or for the psychology. And finally, in Korea this summer, I promise,I'm gonna get a driver liscence. Yes... I feel a need of it now.

I'm 24 years old, have nothing to fill in my CV, still student. Well,I feel good, though. I'm living in a world in which anything canhappen. So far, so good.

Hey friends, I want to have your nouvelles. I'm waiting your replies.

May force be with you.


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