Monday, June 13, 2005

Final and Travel

13 juin 2005 lundi

Heading to the end of the semester, I'm a little bit nervous. Why? Because,

From today, I have final exams. The today ones, I messed them up, I believe, because I couldn't finish to copy up on the official exam paper. So I just put bouillons inside of the sheets. I lost 5 points even before teachers would read my paper! Quel con! (C'est moi.)

Anyway I care less for the final exams. From Friday.... It's the beginning of the vacances!!! More precisely, I'm traveling then. The travel itinerary: Paris - Dortmund - Budapest - Dortmund - Prague - Dortmund - Paris - Coming back to Lille. If you're smart enough, you can easily remark - Too many dortmund between them. - Yes, it sucks, the esyjet flies only from the dormund airport to the ones of Budapest and Prague. And as they don't put enough intervals between their lands off, I have to sleep two nights in Dortmund. But, so far so good, I found really kind hostel who gonna come up to the airport to pick me up! I'm contented. Maybe I have to ask for the same thing to the hostels that I reserved in Budapest and Prague...

Maybe, if everythings fine and I have a great experiences (in many senses lol) I would update my blogs there. Apparently, it seems that they have free internet connections there. I'm coming back to Lille at the end of June. I gotta prepare the next travel to Southern Europe. :)


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