Monday, July 11, 2005

A lettre to the friendship ELF

hey guyz, how are you? Now I´m in Barcelona. This city is really great with its mountains and the meditarrian sea. You can see easily "Yajasu" (palmera in spanish) trees, and you know Gaudi, will be surprised how he was genius. For example, his uncompleted master piece Sangria Famillia, a great -supposed to be - cathedrale is just great to see but if you read explanations for the architectural characteristics, you will must say wowes, because it doesn´t have keystones.

And a interesting news, I met Byung-jun in Prague. He was from London at the moment, where he passed on the way to Prague from Iceland. It was in Loretha Cathedral in outside of Prague´s center that we found each other. Our meeting comprised a weird feeling. At that moment I was asking something to a worker there, and then I saw an asian who was walking up to the side where I was. His face was so familiar. With a strange feeling like if I was in a dream or in a parallel world, everything went on slowly. And even before I finished to find out who was he, I had known that he was a member of our ELF friendship. Moreover oddly I never felt that it was surprising, actually I was even waiting somebody whom I know, because I knew that, in the city of black mistresse, in Prague, I would meet somebody if we had had an appointment. Anyway we passed some time together, and he leaved when I was doing things for a chinese visa. I think he must be in Seoul now.

And one more thing, I have a diffenrent plan for my days of student (which means that I don´t have to work in the periode!), so when I have a final decision, I´ll let you know.

That´s it for today Beuties and Handsomes. I hope you a nice summer. We´ll be able to meet together soon.



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