Thursday, September 15, 2005

Blair throws down gauntlet to UN: Where is Korea?

United Nations actually is getting more powerful. EU and now UN... Blocks gain power. But where is Korea? For Korea, it's not as easy as to get together China and Japan and Taiwan. But why? Europeans always have had wars among themeselves, too. And we also have the same cultural route. Does the religion matter? Or because we are not in the same comtinent? Maybe ideology? Or the fault of japanese government's apology? We need to work on this subject.

Blair throws down gauntlet to UN: BBC news:
Mr Blair did not directly refer to the genocide in Rwanda, often cited by critics of the UN as one of its worst failures, or the situation in Darfur or Sudan.
But he said it was now recognised that states' sovereignty could be overridden by the UN when people were suffering.
"The United Nations peacebuilding commission must become the means of renewing nations where war and the collapse of proper systems of government have left them ravaged and their people desolate.
"For the first time at this summit we are agreed that states do not have the right to do what they will within their own borders but that we in the name of humanity have a common duty to protect people where their own governments will not."
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