Wednesday, September 21, 2005

JJ mailing 21 sep 05

Medames, Messieurs,

Hello, it's long time no mailing. I was a little bit busy of spanish
visa stuff and so on.

I'm now in Spain in a small town near Barcelona. It's been a month
that I came here and I'm aclimating myself to the new environment.
It's not easy, everything is new again, but with experiences of
France, I think I'm going to do just fine. I have some friends here,
who help me much on many things.

In comparison to the life in France, many things are different. Even
though I am here for working, but for me the most improtant thing is
to learn spanish and catalan. Catalan is a language which is speaked
in vast Catalunya region of Spain and also in the south part of France
which is near by the frontier of Spain and finally in Andorra, a small
country which is sited on the incline of Pyrenees. I will inscribe a
course of Catalan this October. At least for a year, I should go on
for an another journey.

Give me some cheers friends, because the visa stuff and some other
stuffs don't work well now. I don't want to give up easilly like
that... In foreign countries, I often realize the mother nation
concerns much everyday life for everything. Yeap, whatever, still
going on.

I'm waiting your replies... I miss you, guys.



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