Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sony DAV-S400 Region Code Free

***This works just fine. I tested this with a region 1 DVD. I recommend this method.***

Region code hack posted by Claire, December 05 2003:I have here a Palm hack that works. I got the instructions from this website and have rewritten them to make them easy to understand. I used a Palm V.

1) Go to browse DOWNLOAD and select the remote for MOST USERS. Don't download the v1.171 as this is not registered and certain features don't work. I donwloaded OmnniRemote Pro (which is free)
2) Go to and download the Sony_DVD_Hack.pdb
3) Install both files to your Palm Pilot
4) Turn your Sony DAV-S400 on with no disc inside.
5) ON THE EQUIPMENT NOT ON REMOTE - Press and hold both the Display and Stop keys while turning the volume control to the right. When your TV screen flickers, release the buttons. You should be seeing the Service Menu now.
6) Turn on the Palm Pilot and got to REMOTE feature
7) Make sure you select the SONY DVD HACK from the drop down menu in the top right-hand corner. The screen should show a row of buttons (ignore the screen instructions as they are for another SONY DVD Player)
8) I sent numbers 1 to 5 with the PALM and then turned off the DVD PLAYER using my normal remote (you will not see any messages on the screen telling you you have succeeded).
9) I tried playing a region 1 DVD and it WORKED.

Hope this helps all you out there.
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