Thursday, September 15, 2005

'Stiff upper lip' hampers memory

Read the whole article. It's interesting. Especially the last paragraph. Keep your poker face when something that you don't want to remember long time happens. It may help us.

'Stiff upper lip' hampers memory: BBC news:
Stiff upper lip
We are better at remembering emotional material than non-emotional material, probably for survival reasons.
Emotions can also influence what information we recall. For example, being in a depressed mood might trigger us to remember past sad events.
Also, people in a highly charged emotional state tend to have poorer memory.
He said keeping emotions in check was not always a bad idea.
"It's all about balance. Sometimes it is good to suppress your emotions and it doesn't matter that there is a cost on memory because maybe allowing yourself to get upset might be worse.
"You might be in with your boss during your appraisal and he is saying terrible things and you feel like shouting and screaming with anger but you keep it in check because you would probably end up losing your job.
"You may not remember the details of what he was saying but maybe that is a good price to pay.
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